How To Make Successful Applications To Fashion Design Schools

There are many ways to get into a career in fashion. Gianfranco Ferrer, who recently left us and was best known as the creative director of Christian Dior from 1989 on, studied architecture instead of art. He then turned to fashion design, launching his own label in 1978.For most of us mortals, however, going to design school will be a necessary and pleasurable way of stepping into a career in fashion. There are more openings than ever before in this exciting field. Fashion awareness has grown enormously in recent years and people are becoming more brand-conscious. Many fashion design schools offer degrees in fashion design, marketing, and merchandising, to give you the necessary leverage launch the career of your choice. For a strong foundation in both traditional and high-tech approaches, you could opt for any number of excellent schools. Fashion design school is like a little bit of history repeating. You will find that there is nothing new under the sun – the most abstruse-seeming designs are almost always borrowed from somewhere or other. The knack is to come up with a new fashion or accessory design based on a development of something with a historical perspective.Fashion is an expression of the times, so it is important to keep up with the latest trends in politics and art. Design school courses will help you to explore these tendencies.Design would be nothing these days without a deep understanding of technological devices and tools – CAD is something you will need to learn in depth.Fashion design schools also teach the necessary technical and business skills involved, from sketching and pattern-making, sowing, design theory to the practicalities of accounting, retail, store merchandising, marketing and management.:Getting a job in the fashion industry is no easy business, but do not be discouraged – prospective employers are looking for commitment, enthusiasm and a solid foundation in terms of training. Only the determined will make it in such a highly competitive field. To optimize your chances of getting on, follow our tips below: Connections are everything. Employers like recommendations and it is up to 60% likely that you will be offered a job because a friend or acquaintance has passed on your résumé. Bosses from way back, former colleagues, neighbors, your hairdresser or bank manager – Networking is where it’s at. So send out those mails, letting everyone know you are looking for a post. If you do not currently have a job, you should be investing at least a full 40 hour working week in job hunting, half of which you will be devoting to networking. Follow up leads, make notes, call back, insist. There is no mystery – perseverance will get you what you want.There are a number of things you should watch out for when choosing a school: Look at their statistics – how many of the ex-students went on to successfully embark on a fashion career? The hub of the fashion design world is in New York City and Los Angeles, so people tend to gravitate there – about two thirds of those working in the industry are established in these cities. A quarter are self-employed, while 35% are working under a corporate umbrella. Another quarter are clothing wholesalers, while a mere 15% are clothing manufacturers. Competition in all fields is fierce, so you will do well to enter the fashion school which will give you the best chances possible.

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